Triathlon Club featured in Inaugural Collegiate Obstacle Race

In the inaugural BattleFrog College Championship in Orlando, Florida, the Wolfpack was proudly represented. Four members of the Triathlon Club at NC State competed in the first collegiate competition of this nature. This competition pits the nation’s top college athletes against each other within an intense obstacle course inspired by NAVY Seal training.

The competition consists of a preliminary round and a round of 16 structure all contested by relay teams of two men and two women, representing individual schools. Seeding is allocated by the order of finishing times in the preliminary round, sparking a competitive atmosphere from the start.

The course contains 25 obstacle courses over 400 meters. These obstacles test strength, endurance, and mental willpower.

16 schools, which include the University of Alabama, Wisconsin, Southern Calfornia, and the United States Military Academy (Army), sent representatives to compete in this challenge as all are on the pursuit of pure competition and bragging rights. The teams are also competing for $2,000 individual scholarships along with the championship grand prize of $10,000. In support of the clubs and teams participating in this championship, $1,000 was donated to all 16 participating universities.

To see the competition unfold, the championship will air on Tuesday, June 9, Wednesday, June 10 and Thursday, June 11, 2015 from 8 to 9 p.m. EST on ESPN2.

A Preview of the competition is below: