Spring Semester Special Events Highlight Philanthropic Efforts

University Recreation holds many special events each semester to engage the NC State community. This semester there is an emphasis on philanthropic efforts, such as raising money for cancer research, and starting a clean water initiative. Cycle for Survival, Big Pink Volleyball, and NC State’s own Diversity and Inclusion adVenture Experience (DIVE) program, are ways University Recreation are working to better the community and raise awareness.

Cycle for Survival

Cycle For Survival is a national movement to beat rare cancers. Their high-energy indoor cycling events raise money that is directly allocated to cancer research and clinical trials. University Recreation is proud to partner with Cycle For Survival and invites the entire NC State Community to join. This year’s event will take place on Friday, February 5 from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. in Studio B/C at the Carmichael Recreation Center. Registration will be open from January 4 until February 4. Registration is free, but please consider making a donation. For more information on the Cycle For Survival movement, click here to visit their site. To register, please click here.

Big Pink Volleyball

Beginning in April 2012, the Big Pink Volleyball tournament began as a means for Western Illinois University students to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  Since then, the tournament has spread to more than 15 colleges and universities and has raised upward of $100,000. The tournament is now being brought to NC State through University Recreation. Registration for teams begins January 25 until February 8 on IMLeagues.com. The tournament will be held in Carmichael Gym Courts 1-8 on February 11. For more information of Big Pink Volleyball at the national level, click here. For more information on University Recreation’s Big Pink Volleyball tournament, click here.

Diversity and Inclusion adVenture Experience (DIVE)

The Diversity and Inclusion adVenture Experience (DIVE) is a 9-day trip to the Florida Everglades, a collection of islands in south Florida, where NC State students will kayak or canoe and camp on beaches with views of the Gulf of Mexico, mangrove forests, and dolphins. The trip seeks to gather socially conscious people and those who would not normally take this type of trip to give them a no-cost opportunity to broaden their horizons. On this trip, participants will discuss issues of social justice, how to practice lifelong wellness, learn about clean water access, and complete a clean water initiative before the end of the spring semester. To learn more information on DIVE, click here. To apply to be a part of this adventure experience, click here.