Local Surfer Turns Craft into Career Goal

As a business major with a concentration in marketing, Chris Losack understands the basics of running a business. Unlike his fellow students, however, Losack has a firsthand experience on how to put these concepts into action as the creator of his very own company, C-Lo Productions. By combining his business education with his love for skating and videography, he has created a line of work that allows him to turn his passions into more than recreational hobbies. 

Growing up in Swansboro, North Carolina about 10-minutes away from the beach, Losack recalls he was always on a skateboard or surfboard. He and his friends would “grab [their] skateboards and head over to the beach to check out the best surf spots.” He would often bring a camera or GoPro along to document their tricks and was always on the lookout for new and interesting places to shoot.

After graduating from high school, Losack decided to take his videography the next level. It all started with nothing more than a half-pipe and some friends looking to kill some time. The young entrepreneur would test out his new video and photo equipment by shooting footage for his friends’ social media pages, and after seeing some success with this recreational footage, he invested in a drone to excel his work with aerial views of the beach and skate park. 
The videos quickly gained recognition on his personal social media accounts, so he decided to create a separate Facebook account “to source all [his] followers into one spot.” And in June 2016, C-Lo Productions was born.

Losack recalls “it all happened really fast.” Since the establishment of the business, he has expanded his followers to more than 1,764 on Facebook and 7,413 on Instagram and uses these pages to market his videos for potential job offers. His business promotes an audacious and creative lifestyle that encourages his subscribers to follow their creativity outside of their comfort zones. 

After establishing a loyal fan base on his personal Instagram (@chrislosack), Losack reached out to State of Shaka, an apparel brand dedicated to funding surf experiences to youth in need. Losack was then invited to personify their brand by becoming an ambassador for their company. As a brand ambassador, he upholds and embodies the belief that surfing can be a method of healing and rejuvenation for young people. 

Losack advises those looking to start their own business is to find something they are truly passionate about and “don’t stop chasing it as fast and as hard as you can until you finally reach the goals, and then set new ones and never stop.”

On a typical day, you can often find him skating around campus or surfing at the beach, scouting out spots for his new video projects. Losack’s dedication to turn his passions into a successful business depicts the active and innovative lifestyle encouraged by #PACKINACTION.