Intramural Sports Trivia Puts Students’ Knowledge to the Test

On the evening of Sept. 7, four teams gathered in Witherspoon Student Center to take part in the Intramural Sports special event, Sports Trivia. Hosted once a semester by University Recreation, this event allows students the opportunity to show off their knowledge of different sports topics and engage in friendly competition with their peers. From 6-7:30 p.m., 10 students competed against each other in a battle of wits to claim intramural sports champions t-shirts and recognition as the reigning Sports Trivia champions. The room was full of excitement and anticipation as teams had only five minutes to complete all the questions for each subject.

Topics ranged from NC State Athletics to the NFL, the Olympic Games and questions on sports quotes. Teams answered questions specific to NC State players and teams, as well as professional teams, players and leagues. The questions kept participants on their toes, while testing the extent of their knowledge.

This semester’s trivia night consisted of several new participants as well as many returning players. Casey Miller, a sophomore studying business management, first got involved in Sports Trivia last year to stay connected and spend more time with his friend and eventual teammate. Miller enjoyed the friendly competition of the night, as he joked, “I think the most enjoyable part is watching Jake [his teammate] get mad.” This was the second year Miller and his teammates participated in Sports Trivia together.

Jake Caccavaro, a sophomore studying sports management, agreed with his teammates that the most challenging topic was on NC State teams, players and sports history. The team was also in consensus that their favorite topic was on the NHL, the subject they knew most about. “This year’s questions were easier than last year,” Jake explained.

Jake and Miller both enjoyed the competition, however it was Team LVC that went home with the prize. Regardless, both participants recommended students to register for next semester’s Sports Trivia event.

Sports Trivia is a great event for those who love sports and think they could use their sports knowledge in a friendly competition. It is also one of Sports Programs unique Intramural Sports events, by bringing students together through a form of recreation that does not rely on any physical skill set. Rather it relies on intellectual speed and cognition as a way for students to bring their individual talents and work together to compete as a team.

Sports Trivia, while it may not be a traditional sport, such as soccer or tennis, provides the opportunity for students to get involved in a friendly competition and to engage with other students with similar interests.