New Wellness Program Brings Wolfpack Together

As a wellness assistant and dining diplomat at NC State, Olivia Chadwick is heavily involved with the health and wellness efforts for the university. As a nutrition major, she carries these passions into her studies, and plans to continue her involvement with health and wellness in the local community after graduation. This was not always the case, however. Chadwick admits she wishes she had known more about University Recreation and the variation of services it provides as a freshman.

After a year as a wellness assistant helping coordinate programs, such as Finals Survival Week and Yoga and Yogurt, Chadwick had the idea to create the Find Your Inner W.O.L.F: Wellness Options for Living Fit program.

The events kicked off the week of Oct. 9 and set out to provide students with four weeks of various activities to promote a healthy mind and body, as well as forge friendships and create familiarity with University Recreation. The program sought to encompass all departments within University Recreation, including sports programs group fitness, outdoor adventures, wellness and aquatics.

Each week, the program offered a different activity through which students could gather to improve their physical well-being, while learning healthy lifestyle habits and developing a sense of community. During the first week, students took to the climbing wall in Carmichael Gymnasium and even those who were attempting climbing for the first time reached the top of the wall with the support of their group.

Students met for a walk at Lake Johnson the second week and came together again for a POUND® group fitness class the third week. The favorite activity by far however, was the challenge course hosted by outdoor adventures for the final week. Students worked together to complete the high ropes course and zip line, testing their individual limits while learning to work as a team.

Chadwick created the Find Your Inner W.O.L.F. program with the intent to provide students an environment in which they could work on their mind and body in a healthy manner, while trying new activities and making friends.

Looking ahead, ThriveWell hopes to expand upon the provided activities for the participants to include exercises provided by aquatics and group fitness programs. The events will also include comprehensive discussions on various elements of wellness led by ThriveWell wellness assistants and coaches.

Chadwick believes students benefited most from the program by trying new activities and making connections with other students. She recalls the story of a student who had never rock climbed before, but who within minutes made it to the top of the wall. Chadwick believes the encouragement and support from the fellow students helped this student achieve this new height.

“A large barrier in trying new things is not having emotional or physical support behind it, so with the presence of other students, everyone felt a little more at ease at the thought of trying these unfamiliar activities,” says Chadwick.