Think you’ve got what it takes?

NC State students are a lot of things. Smart, determined, hard-working and when it comes down to it, competitive. Semester after semester, year after year, as classes graduate and teams change, there is one thing that always remains. The competitive nature of NC State Students. There is no better way this competitiveness is highlighted than through intramural sports. Individuals and teams come out throughout the season to compete against each other and make their way to the playoffs.

This year is no different. 4,865 students will compete in nine different league sports ranging from flag football and soccer to dodgeball and cricket. After a full semester of competition, teams advance to the ever-coveted playoffs. To advance to the playoffs, teams must have received a sportsmanship score of at least 3.0 out of 4.0. After making it through the regular season and battling it out through playoffs, the winning teams advance to championship night.

This championship night is meant to give players a “real game day experience,” according to Sports Programs program assistant, Nathan Williams. Sports Programs brings PackTV, commentators, plays warmup music and even has team introductions. Photographers are out taking photos of the action and documenting the winners with their “highly sought after” champions shirt. 
This year, championship nights were held all throughout the last week of classes. In the women’s 7-on-7 soccer championship Tuesday, the players were fighting hard as ever. Winning team goalie Elena Morgan said “it feels really freaking nice.” After a semester’s worth of hard work and competition, it all paid off when they took the win. Another player on the opposing team, Chandler Fowler, mentioned “I’m very excited. It’s taking a lot of stress off finals so I’m happy to be here.”

Championship night is an experience. From students to staff, winners and not, the experience is one of a kind. “Everyone is out here cheering on their teams and their friends. It’s great to see a lot of energy from both teams,” said another staff member, Frank Cincotta. Spring 2018 league sports will include basketball, wallyball, 11-on-11 outdoor soccer, cricket, 7-on-7 ultimate Frisbee, softball, 4-on-4 flag football, 3-on-3 soccer, 4-on-4 ultimate Frisbee and sand volleyball.

Think next year your team will make it to championship night?