Six Benefits of Regular Swimming

With the summer season well under way, you may find yourself stuck in a mid-summer workout slump. Maybe you are looking to switch up your routine, find a new hobby or are looking for a new way to enjoy the summer season. Whichever your path, look no further. The Casey Aquatic Center provides all of these elements and more. There will be no end to the summer fun you’ll be able to experience. Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the benefits of adding regular swimming to your daily fitness routine.

Increased Cardio and Endurance

Swimming is an excellent alternative to your daily cardio routine. Complex strokes like the butterfly or freestyle provide a deceptively challenging, full-body workout disguised as a fun water activity. Daily swimming can replace going on your daily morning jog and can provide an escape from those dreaded treadmill workouts.

Low Impact Workout

According to the American Council on Exercise, your heart beats an estimated 17 times less per minute when participating in water activities than during land activities. However, this does not mean you aren’t necessarily getting the same level of exercise. When your body is not making contact with the ground, there is less strain on your heart and it does not have to work as hard. This provides an effective and less taxing workout for your heart.

Swimming also provides benefits for those with injuries and joint issues. The buoyancy of water helps to take pressure off of sensitive joints and injured areas, while also allowing for a greater range of motion.

Heart Healthy

Swimming combines movements of your arms, legs or torso to propel your body through the water. This increases your heart rate which in turn requires your body to pump more blood and oxygen to your tissues, forcing your heart to work harder. Over time, the muscular tissue of your heart is strengthened and your heart in turn becomes healthier and stronger.

Stress Buster

Swimming provides a healthy, fun way to step outside your regular workout routine. It may remind you of childhood fun had by the pool or help you to reignite old interests. The calming waters and quiet of the pool may also prove beneficial for calming relaxation and stress relief.

Repetitive movements during swimming allow your mind to focus on your body and not the concerns of your mind, effectively distancing you from your worries.

Physical improvements

The physical benefits of consistent swimming are numerous. From greater core strength and stability to increased muscle tone and power, engaging in regular swimming activities undoubtedly improves your health over time. Swimming is an excellent exercise because it provides a full body workout by engaging all of your muscles.

Essential skill that could save your life

It is no secret that swimming can be a fun activity to add to your daily workout routine, or an activity shared with friends and family on weekend trips to the pool. However, swimming has one serious benefit that is often overlooked. Swimming is an essential skill that could save your life or that of those around you. Having the ability to swim can be crucial in both everyday pool activities and in emergency or survival situations. Learning to swim not only has the ability to reduce your fear of water but can also potentially save your life.

The Casey Aquatic Center offers many ways to get involved in water fitness and fun activities, both this summer and throughout the year. Their 25-yard pool and 50-meter olympic pool provide some wonderful opportunities to enhance your water fitness experience.

For those who may be hesitant to try water activities, Wellness and Recreation offers group, private and semi-private swim lessons with trained swim instructors. These are available for NC State students and Carmichael Complex members of all ages and abilities.

“It is important for all individuals of all swimming abilities to utilize the pool so they can grow in their water skills for the safety of themselves and those around them,” said the Center’s aquatics coordinator Catherine O’Kane.

Swimming is a great alternative to cardio and an easy way to boost your health while having fun this summer. There are numerous health and safety benefits to regular swimming which only add to the fun. For those who are more hesitant to start swimming there are plenty of options to dip your toes and join in. Stop by the aquatic center today and explore the many ways you can dive in to summer fun and fitness.