What Happened to the Trees?!

Trees line at the intersection of Morrill Drive and Cates Avenue

As you walk across campus on your way to Carmichael this fall, you will notice how different the corner of Cates Avenue and Morrill Drive looks.

“What happened to the trees?”

We wish they didn’t have to go — it was painful for us, too.

When we first learned the trees might be impacted as a result of construction, the University explored options to save the trees. Through the investigation, we learned the trees had evidence of decay and dry rot, indicating that they were entering the final stages of their life. Because of the amount of decay, there were safety concerns.

Once cut down, the trees were in worse shape than anyone anticipated.

Tree decayDecayed Trees at NC Satte







Damaged Tree










But there is good news.

Portions of the tree have been saved, milled and will be reused in the building. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how the trees can be incorporated. Please share your ideas on the form below.

The project will provide new landscaping, including new trees that will grow to a similar size as those removed.

We are excited about the future of this important intersection of campus. We will miss the trees but we hope to create a new, special green space for the Wolfpack to enjoy for the next 50 years.







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