Group Fitness


More than 100 energetic group fitness classes are offered every week and are designed for every fitness level.

Use suspension to challenge your strength in TRX®, dance your way to less stress with ZUMBA®, challenge your fitness levels with H.I.I.T. and BODYPUMP™ or find your serenity through yoga.

Fall 2017 Group Fitness Schedule

Schedule runs from Monday, August 14 through Friday, December 1.

Group fitness classes on Wednesday, Nov. 22 will be on a modified schedule. Please visit for the modified schedule.
Classes are cancelled during fall break, Thanksgiving break and home football games.
All classes are 45-minutes in length unless otherwise noted in parentheses.

Class Locations

Fall 2017 Group Fitness Schedule

Studio A Studio B Studio C Studio D
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:15 a.m. Power Yoga Yoga Flow
BODYPUMP™ Cycle and Circuits BODYPUMP™ Cycle and Circuits
7:00 a.m. Barre Burn Barre Burn
TRX® Circuits TRX® Circuits TRX® Cardio
7:30 a.m. Yoga Flow Yoga Flow
H.I.I.T (45) H.I.I.T (45)
11:00 a.m. TRX® Circuits TRX® Circuits Pilates
12:10 p.m. Barre Burn Yogalates Yoga Flow Yoga Flow Yoga Flow
PackStrong TRX® PackStrong TRX® PackStrong
H.I.I.T (45) BODYPUMP™ Full Body Workout BODYPUMP™ Step Intervals (45) H.I.I.T (45) BODYPUMP™
Cycle (45) Cycle (45)
3:00 p.m. PiYo Barre Burn
4:10 p.m. Yoga Flow Pilates Barre Burn Yoga (75) Cycle (45)
BODYPUMP™ H.I.I.T (45) BODYPUMP™ H.I.I.T (45) H.I.I.T (45)
Cycle (45) Cycle (45) Cycle (45) Cycle (45)
PackStrong PackStrong
5:00 P.M.   HardCORE   HardCORE HardCORE Yoga (75)
Yoga Flow Power Yoga Yoga Flow Barre Burn
Cardio Dance Strong by ZUMBA® Cardio Dance POUND® Happy Hour
Cycle and Core Cycle (45) Cycle and Core Cycle (45)
6:40 p.m. Yoga Sculpt Barre Burn Yoga Sculpt Yoga Flow
PackStrong H.I.I.T (45) PackStrong ZUMBA®
Cycle (45) Cycle (45)
7:30 p.m. Cycle (45) HardCORE  
8:00 p.m. BODYPUMP™ Cardio Dance BODYPUMP™ Cardio Dance
Gentle Yoga Power Yoga Yoga Flow Yoga Flow Gentle Yoga