Class Descriptions

Happy Hour

Get your sweat on before the weekend starts! This class changes weekly with a special theme. Anything from Dance Fitness parties to Kick-H.I.I.T. could be in store.

Mind-Body Happy Hour

Take a moment to de-stress from the week and prepare for the exciting weekend! The theme and instructor of the class changes every week to keep it fresh.


Cycling (45)

Our high intensity cycling classes builds cardiovascular strength by varying speed, resistance and intensity.

Cycle & Core

This class combines a cardio cycling workout and strength training. It consists of 45 minutes of high intensity cycling, followed by 10 minutes of core exercise that target the abdominals and lower back.

Full-Body Workout

This class challenges every major muscle group and your lungs through strength and cardio training.


This class is full of kickboxing cardio. Learn the correct form for a variety of punches and kicks, while getting a great workout.


Pound ® is a cardio jam session, which utilizes weighted RipStix® for a workout which challenges every muscle group by blending cardiovascular training with pilates and yoga for the ultimate Rockout Workout.


Cardio Dance

Cardio dance is an aerobic dance workout with easy to follow choreography.


ZUMBA® is a Latin-inspired dance workout that uses footwork and rhythms such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton.


Step is a Latin-inspired dance workout using a step platform for different footwork combinations, while still including basic rhythms such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton.



This low-impact workout uses light weights, bands and a classic ballet barre to tone strengthen and tighten your whole body.

Cycle & Flow

Cycle & Flow is a 90 minute class that combines a 45 minute indoor ride with 45 minutes to unwind with Yoga. The Yoga portion focuses on flexibility poses to help the indoor cyclist stay limber.


Pilates is a mat-based class that utilizes precise movements to activate, isolate, and stabilize core muscles. This class is great for improving posture, flexibility, balance and strength.

Power Yoga

This class emphasizes strength and flexibility while promoting mental stability and concentration through challenging postures and an increased pace.

Restorative Yoga

This Yin-style yoga practice takes participants through a passively paced movement series which focuses on restoring the body and mind by holding stretching for 3 to 5 minutes per posture.

Yoga Flow

This vinyasa-style yoga class uses flowing sequence of poses which change every breath to increase strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance.


This class utilizes the core coordination of Pilates, with the added flexibility of yoga to give you a well-rounded workout.

Xtended Yoga

Xtended Yoga is a 75 minute workout to make sure you stay warm longer, with an extra stretch and relaxation to reward your body.



Ab Solutions is a quick workout that will challenge you through core strengthening and stabilizing exercises such as circuits and floor work.


BODYPUMP® is a workout that challenges all of your major muscle groups by using light to moderate weights with high repetition. This class utilizes the most effective weight-room exercises such as the chest press, squats, rows, and lunges.


This class is a high intensity interval training workout which focuses on full body strength conditioning paired with cardio bursts.


TRX® is a suspension training class which allows participants to work against their own weight to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability.