Personal Training

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Reach your fitness goals with an exercise program tailored just for you from one of our nationally-certified personal trainers. No matter what your fitness level is, we have a trainer who wants to work with you. To get started, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Learn Your Options

Step 2: Register To Work with a Trainer

Step 3: Purchase Sessions

Complete payment by visiting the Member Services Suite located in the aquatics entrance. Payments can only be made in person and refunds are not provided.

Step 4: Schedule Your First Session

Your personal trainer will contact you once payment has been received to schedule your first session. All sessions will be scheduled directly with your personal trainer.

For more information, please contact:

Personal Training
P: (919) 515-7529

Other Training Services

Our certified staff will assess your current fitness level, identify movement pattern deficiencies and muscular imbalances while teaching you more about your current composition to help you achieve your goals.

Package Students Member
Body Composition $15 $20
Body Composition Semester Pass (Limit of five (5) per semester) $40 $50
Comprehensive Fitness Assessment $30 $35
Functional Movement Screen $20 $25

Body Composition Testing

Learn more about your current body makeup. This short, 15-minute assessment uses a bioelectrical impedance scale to measure the your body fat and muscle mass percentages.

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

Comprehensive fitness assessments are conducted to provide a baseline of your current fitness level using the MicroFit® complete fitness and wellness profile and Functional Movement Screen. Assessments will last no longer than 60-minutes.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Have you ever noticed a muscle imbalance during your workout? We provide movement analysis to determine areas for improvement. You will receive corrective exercise to restore movement patterns.

Fitness Orientation

Learn how to use fitness equipment in a proper and safe manner by attending a basic fitness orientation for free. This service is free and will take approximately 45-minutes. One of our staff members will contact you to schedule the orientation session.

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