Club Sports FAQ

Club Sports FAQ
Any registered student organization affiliated with NC State must first seek and be granted affiliation with the Department of University Recreation and Competitive Sports before calling themselves a Club Sport. The requesting organization must have goals and objectives consistent with the Competitive Sports mission.
Initial Steps:
  • Complete procedures required by the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) to become an officially registered student organization. Must be an established group/organization on campus to become a requesting affiliation Club Sport. (refer to page 23 of the Club Sports Handbook.)
  • Submit a written proposal to the Assistant Director/Coordinator Competitive Sports requesting the formation of a Club Sport and include the following items:
    • Introduction about the club
    • Short term and long term goals and objectives of the club
    • Needs of the club (facility space, budget, administration, and other help)
    • List of interested people including campus identification numbers
    • A copy of the approved paperwork from the Student Organization Resource Center
    • A copy of a constitution and bylaws
    • Elect 3 club officers: president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer or their equivalent and 1 safety officer
  • Once these items have been submitted to a Competitive Sports professional staff member a date will be scheduled for the interested group to present to the Club Sports Council (CSC). Presentations are typically held one time per semester. The presenting student organization must:
    • Maintain financial stability
    • Operate with a yearly (July-June) operating budget
    • Demonstrate leadership transition beyond founding members
    • Present number of years the organization has been officially recognized as a registered student organization
  • The Club Sports Council will review and make a recommendation to grant the club requesting affiliation status. The Professional Staff member will then let the club know in writing and through e-mail the updated status.
*Competitive Sports and the Department of University Recreation reserve the right to refuse recognition to any club requiring extensive funding or facility requests, resources involving high liability or risk factors which do not properly represent the North Carolina State University student body, student organizations that are the same or similar to current Club Sports, groups that do not meet the University Recreation mission, groups that have a limited length of existence or lack of leadership.
A Club Sport is a registered student organization formed by individuals with a common interest in a sport activity that exists to promote and develop interest in that particular activity. Clubs may be instructional, recreational, competitive, or some combination thereof. Characterized by being student-initiated and student-managed, the basic structure of Club Sports allows members numerous opportunities for leadership and decision-making. The actual success and strength of the club is dependent on effective leadership of the officers & the degree of involvement of club members. Participation in a club sport is voluntary.
Club participants must be recognized as a current student*, faculty**, or staff member** by NC State University. Club membership must also be approved by individual club constitution guidelines as well as local, state, regional, or national governing bodies(if applicable).

* Current student is defined as currently registered and tuition/student fees paid for a minimum of one (1) credit hour at NC State University. This definition includes those students participating in the inter-institutional exchange with Meredith College and Peace College (both tuition and student fees are paid). However, this definition does not include: those students taking correspondence courses through the McKimmon Center or distance learning courses through the Internet (applicable student fees are not included in payment).

** Current faculty or staff member is defined as either full or part time employees of NC State University who are eligible for a Carmichael Complex Membership.

Individual club constitutions and/or governing bodies of the club may impose specific guidelines as to club membership provided these guidelines are non-discriminatory in nature (For example, USA Rugby may require that club participants be students currently enrolled in at least 12 credit hours in order to be eligible to participate in USA Rugby-sanctioned contests.).
Yes, the majority of clubs charge dues to join. Most clubs do receive limited funding from University Recreation, but this funding does not cover all of the expenses incurred. Dues payments help defray the cost of travel, equipment and other expenses. Dues range from $5 per semester to $1,000 per academic year.
Some of the team sports have tryouts. Others have tryouts for the “A” or collegiate team only. Most do not have tryouts. All Club Sports are encouraged to have multiple teams to alleviate the need for tryouts, but it is simply not possible in some cases due to limited space and equipment. The Club Sports that hold tryouts are All Girl Cheerleading, Baseball, Basketball (M & W), Bowling, Clogging, Dance Team, DanceVisions, Field Hockey, Golf, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse (M & W), Racquetball, Roller Hockey, Rugby (M & W), Soccer (M & W), Softball, Ultimate (M & W), Volleyball (M & W)
Varies substantially from no competition (instructional & recreational only) to highly competitive. For example, the Martial Arts-oriented clubs have an instructional & recreational base with very little, if any, competition. Some individual & team Club Sports are newer with less organized leagues that offer competition that is not as highly developed. Other individual & team Club Sports are members of prestigious & highly organized regional or national conferences and travel extensively throughout the Atlantic Seaboard competing at a high level comparable to NCAA Division III.
Varies, but most clubs encourage students without experience to come out and learn their sport or activity. The following is a list of clubs that will provide instruction to novices: Aikido, Ballroom Dance, Bass Fishing, Cross Country & Track, Cycling, Equestrian, Fencing, Field Hockey, Lacrosse (W), Martial Arts, Paintball, Rodeo, Rowing, Rugby (M & W), Sailing, Ski & Snowboard, Swimming, Table Tennis, Triathlon, Ultimate (W), Water Polo, Water Ski/Wakeboard, Wrestling