Club Sports Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

2017-2018 Club Sports Award Winners

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Club Sport of the Year

Women’s Soccer

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Leadership Team of the Year


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Community Service Leader of the Year

Women’s Ultimate

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Most Improved Club of the Year


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Club Event of the Year

BassPack (American Cancer Society Tournament)

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Female Athlete of the Year

Alex Grobman (Equestrian Hunt Seat)


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Male Athlete of the Year

Jack Kiernan (Men’s Rugby)


Past Recipients

Club of the Year Award
Year Club
2016-2017 Cross Country & Track
2015-2016 Swimming
2014-2015 Women’s Soccer
2013-2014 Gymnastics
2012-2013 Cycling
2011-2012 Men’s Volleyball
2010-2011 Men’s Ultimate
2009-2010 Rowing
2008-2009 Women’s Rugby
2007-2008 Dance Team
2006-2007 Rowing
2005-2006 Ballroom Dance
2004-2005 Men’s Ultimate
2003-2004 Sailing
2002-2003 Men’s Ultimate
2001-2002 Women’s Rugby
Club Officer of the Year
Year Club Recipient
2006-2007 Bass Fishing Randall Hess
2005-2006 Ski & Snowboard Damon Houghton
2001-2002 Women’s Volleyball Mary Yemma
Club Leadership Team of the Year
Year Club
2016-2017 Women’s Rugby
2015-2016 Triathlon
2014-2015 Swimming
2013-2014 Women’s Rugby
2012-2013 Swimming
2011-2012 Cycling
2010-2011 Equestrian–Western
2009-2010 Racquetball
2008-2009 Water Polo
2007-2008 Equestrian
Community Service Leader of the Year
Year Club
2016-2017 Equestrian Dressage
2015-2016 Men’s Lacrosse
2014-2015 Equestrian-Dressage
2013-2014 DanceVisions
2012-2013 Men’s Rugby
2011-2012 Skateboarding
2010-2011 Skateboarding
2009-2010 Men’s Ultimate
2008-2009 All Girl Cheerleading
2007-2008 All Girl Cheerleading
2006-2007 All Girl Cheerleading
2005-2006 Rodeo
2004-2005 Tennis
2003-2004 Cricket
2002-2003 Ballroom Dance
2001-2002 Women’s Volleyball
2000-2001 Outing
Most Improved Club
Year Club
2016-2017 Water Polo
2015-2016 Women’s Basketball
2014-2015 Women’s Lacrosse
2013-2014 Sailing
2012-2013 Rowing
Club Event Of the Year
Year Club
2016-2017 Sailing
2015-2016 Sailing
2014-2015 Men’s Basketball “Dunkin’ For Deah”
Female Athlete Of the Year
Year Club
2016-2017 Carmen Davis
Male Athlete Of the Year
Year Club
2016-2017 Duncan Nielander

National Championships

Women’s Club Volleyball

2017 NCVF Collegiate Club Volleyball Gold Flight National Champions Kansas City, Missouri


Golf Club

NCCGA Spring 2016 Individual National Championship Zac Lewis Daniels, West Virginia


Clogging Club

2014 Cadence Young Adult Acapella Champions Asheville, North Carolina


Paintball Club

2014 NCPA Class AA National Champions Lakeland, Florida


Bass Fishing Club

2012 Boat US Collegiate Bass Fishing National Champions Florence, Alabama – Lake Pickwick Ben Dziwulski and Ethan Cox

Men’s Basketball Club

2010 ACIS National Basketball Champions

Bass Fishing Club

2009 Under Armour Collegiate National Bass Fishing Champions Little Rock, Arkansas Chris Wood and Will White

Bass Fishing Club

2006 Boat US National Collegiate Bass Fishing Champions Lake Lewisville, Texas Chad Craven and Alex Freeman

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Club

1999 National Champions Boulder, Colorado