Activate Your Space

The Activate Your Space initiative provides an opportunity for members of the NC State community to explore the link between physical activity, cognitive performance and overall wellness. Research demonstrates that engaging in physical activity while studying improves memory, attention span and information processing.

By transforming sedentary work stations into dynamic stations that activate the body and mind, members of the NC State community will be able to take a more holistic approach to their health and wellness, while potentially experiencing higher success rates both in and out of the classroom.

To help support and promote active spaces throughout the NC State campus, we offer two programs:

  • ThriveWell Equipment Rental program.
  • Preventative Maintenance program.

ThriveWell Equipment Rental Program

The ThriveWell Equipment Rental program provides opportunities for departments on-campus to explore various forms of activation equipment on a trial basis, before purchasing their own equipment. The following equipment is available to rent as part of the program.


Life Fitness™ Treadmill Desk

Equipment Features

  • Adjustable desk height accommodates a wide array of users (from 5’0” to 6’4”).
  • Silent motor and advanced safety features make this option ideal for a shared space.




FitDesk™ Bike Desk

Equipment Features

  • Perfect for staying active while working, learning in the classroom or surfing the web.
  • Whisper quiet mechanics ensures you will not cause distraction at work or in the classroom.




Technogym Wellness Ball™

Equipment Features

  • Conveniently fits under the average height desk of 70cm. Can serve as an alternative to a traditional chair.
  • Provides an opportunity to strengthen muscles and increase balance, coordination and posture all while sitting.




FitDesk™ Under Desk Elliptical

Equipment Features

  • Easily fits under most traditional desks.
  • Fluid shuffle movement creates smooth motion with little to no noise.
  • Lowest pedal rotation works with desks as low at 25 inches.



Rental Details

  • Equipment rental is subject to availability and contingent on-site visit to ensure power, space and accessibility requirements are all met.
  • Minimum of one month on all rentals.
  • As part of the ThriveWell Equipment Rental program, a team of trained professional will inspect each piece of equipment and proactively address any minor issues to your activation equipment ensuring users are getting the most out of the equipment. This monthly service is included as part of your rental.


  • Complete the request form for the package of your selection: Equipment Rental program or Preventative Maintenance program.
  • University Recreation staff will schedule a walkthrough of your space to confirm that equipment can be delivered to the location.
  • University Recreation staff will send your department’s contact a registration packet which will include the service agreement and Interdepartmental Billing Form (IDB).
    • As part of the agreement package you will complete an IDB form that will allow for University Recreation to direct bill your department. It is recommended you review your department’s funding source to insure you may pay for these types of services.
    • Billing will occur on the last working day of each month and will include the monthly service charge plus any additional charges.

Interdepartmental Billing Form

Request Your Equipment Today

To request activation equipment, please complete the following request form and you will be contacted within 48 hours with more information on availability, payment and delivery.

Equipment Rental

Ready to Purchase?

To purchase activation equipment, please first consult with your business department to ensure purchase can be made with departmental funds. Once approval has been secured, please contact the Wellness and Recreation, Assistant Director of Fitness who will assist you in purchasing your activation equipment.

For all reservation questions, please contact:

Assistant Director, Fitness
P: (919) 515-7529

Preventative Maintenance program

If you choose to purchase your own equipment, we also offer a preventive maintenance program. Our team of trained professionals will inspect and complete the necessary preventative maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment ensuring users are getting the most out of the equipment.

The Preventative Maintenance program will be billed at $25 per hour with a two-hour minimum per location.

Equipment repairs are not included as part of the Preventative Maintenance program.  These services are optional and, if needed can be completed via a separate cost.

The team will assess the equipment, provide a quote and discuss the repairs before performing any work.

Request Form

Report an Issue

Since the safe operation of the Active Study Space equipment is a shared responsibility, each University College, Department or Center shall notify University Recreation, immediately, whenever equipment problems are noticed.

  • Tell us where the equipment is located.

Assumption of Risk

Each piece of Active Study Space equipment will be labeled with the following,”Exercise at your own risk” to inform equipment users that they are assuming the risk of using the active study equipment.